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With a wealth of specialized expertise, we equip businesses with tailored strategies to drive success, empower growth, and outperform the competition.

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Access recruiters

Connecting you with top talents

Gain access to exceptional talents that align perfectly with your corporate structure through our innovative approach.

  • Our 3-step access system

  • Our recruiting expertise includes

  • Why hiring us

Business generator

New sales, new customers, new markets

We invented a fully automated and tailor-made program based on new technologies that automatically create new business for you.

  • Lead generation with social-media-campaigns
  • Automated follow-up-program
  • Webinar and seminar program
  • Buying or joining portal
Direct selling international

We live direct selling

With several experts from the direct selling industry from different areas we deliver cutting-edge service for all direct selling matters.

We are your perfect partner for the following projects:
  • Direct Selling Start-Up
  • International market launches including tax and law advice by local experts
  • Product consulting
  • Direct Selling Incentives
  • Compensation Plan Consulting
  • Direct Selling Training Systems with more than 500,000 participants within the past 10 years
  • Business Generator program for new customers and new sales representatives
  • Full-service sales outsourcing
  • International payment solutions
  • Business intelligence with a big direct selling database for facts driven decisions
  • Interim Management for international markets
  • Direct Selling Executive Search for the best talents in our industry
  • Public Relations for Direct Selling companies
  • Innovative Online Technologies for Direct Selling companies
  • Recruiting systems for new sales
Happy talents

Worldwide talent pooling and talent grouping

With our brand Happy Talents we combined successful systems to find talents for several positions or talents that are hard to find.

  • Social media recruiting
  • Employer branding
  • Follow-up-system
  • Talent pooling
  • Tailor-made campaigns
Continual learning

The award-winning sales training system for lasting success

We developed several training methods for sales representatives that match the needs of a sales structure.

The major topics of the continual learning program are:
  • Defining the status and needs of the sales structure
  • Grouping the participants depending on their strengths and training needs
  • Individualized training moduls for the different groups
  • Participant questionnaires for analyzing the recent status of each participant
  • Follow-Up program fort he participants based on their goals
  • Success driven webinars, skype-calls and calls with the groups and individuals
  • Recognition within the training process

Some of our references

Our references are a testimony to our commitment to excellence. We are proud to have earned the trust of top companies. They have experienced firsthand the results-driven solutions we provide and the value we bring to their businesses.

We identify the needs of your sales teams

Highly effective and professional working company to guide and consult companies all over the world to sustainable success.

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